Introductions of Partner Organizations
The 21st Century Education Research Institute (“the 21st Century” for short) is a non-profit organization focusing on the research of public educational policy, as well as educational innovation. It has been committed to promoting educational reform and development in China with the help of professional research and intensive public involvement. In 2013, Yifang Foundation funded “the 21st Century” to host the China Biennial Conference for Educational NGOs with a focus on the policy advocacy research. In 2014, Yifang Foundation funded two other projects, including How to Conduct Policy Advocacy Research, and Teachers’ Research in the Small Schools and Policy Advocacy respectively.
Beijing Western Sunshine Rural Development Foundation is a non-profit organization which was founded on May 26th, 2006, and registered with the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs. The foundation is dedicated to ameliorating rural education and improving community development in Western China; to support teachers, students and vulnerable group in rural area with opportunities to change their lives.
SRI 社会资源研究所
The Social Resources Institute (SRI) is a non-governmental organization for sustainable development research and consultation. As an experience-sharing platform, SRI provides research, evaluation, consultation and sharing services to promote the sustainable development in China. Yifang Foundation supported SRI on the following projects: systematic building of China’s educational NGOs in terms of design, monitoring, evaluation and learning; the independent evaluation on the 2013 China Biennial Conference for Educational NGOs, and research on grant-making foundations industry.
REAP 斯坦福大学农村教育行动项目
The Rural Education Action Program (REAP) is an international educational research organization with the goal of informing sound education, health and nutrition policy in China. It aims to assist students in China’s less developed areas to access to quality education, enhance human capital accumulation, and to help them out of poverty for the sustainability of China’s economic growth. Yifang Foundation has partnered with REAP on Teacher Performance Incentives Projectand Research on Effectiveness of Teacher’s Training.
Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analysts (HKI-SIA) is on its mission to promote social impact analysis. We aim to become a knowledge clearinghouse on social impact analysis. We focus on research, training and network building. HKI-SIA is an affiliate of Social Value International (formerly The SROI Network International). 
Bright China Foundation (BCF) is dedicated to ‘promoting entrepreneurship education and creating a positive life’ in China by providing educational opportunities for vocational school students, prisoners, and marginalized groups. Dr. Eric Xu, the founder of Yifang Foundation is a member of the consultation committee in BCF/NFTE(Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) to assist in the Youth Program, and identifies new cooperative opportunities.
Beijing Huizeren Volunteer Center (Huizeren) is a pioneer in cross-sector cooperation, professional development, and capacity building for NGOs. Volunteer training and consultation services provided by Huizeren are well-branded in the non-profit sector and Yifang Foundation has supported Huizeren while they undertook a research project named Model Study of Philanthropic Leadership Development in China.
NGO FRIENDS is a specialized non-profit organization providing financial training, consultation, audit evaluation and tool research services for NGOs. Its slogan is: Focus on the Financial Field and Provide Professional Support. It ranked first in GTI (China Grassroots Transparency Index) integrated rating among nearly 1000 non-profit organizations in China. Yifang Foundation has supported NGO FRIENDS in the Bridge Plan-Financial Capacity-building Project.
Initiated by Associate Professor Dong Qiang from the College of Humanities and Development Studies from the China Agricultural University, Philanthropy & Charity Weekly has become a key publication in the NGO sector for its academic insights on recent NGO developments. It aims to improve accessibility to resources and showcase volunteer development with its quality updates from the charity sector. Yifang Foundation has supported its Small Grant Program.
Co-founded by 35 well-known foundations in China, China Foundation Centre (CFC) started operation in July 8, 2010. The CFC is on a mission to establish an information-sharing platform, provide capacity building services for foundation development, promote self-regulatory mechanisms and credibility for foundations, and create a sound and transparency culture within foundations. Yifang Foundation worked together with CFC on the program of Transparent Operation Manual for Foundations.
The China Social Enterprise and Social Investment Forum (CSESIF) is a network established by 16 organizations that are committed to promoting social enterprise and social investment development, which includes the Narada Foundation, Zheng Weining Foundation, Social Enterprise Research Center, etc. CSESIF aims to build an authoritative network of social investment and an eco-system of social enterprise and social investment in China.
Leling Social Work Service for the Elderly (“Leling” ) is located in the Shijingshan District of Beijing. It was established in 2006, and was formerly known as the Leling Cooperative. As a non-profit organization, Leling is committed to promoting community home-care services for the elderly in China. Yifang Foundation has cooperated with Leling to conduct a Community-based Care Industry Development Mechanism Program.
As an organization dedicated to Sustainable Development, Recende works with leading cross-sector enterprises to build an equal and sustainable business development model, and cooperate with the far-sighted foundations for the sound development of public welfare. Currently Recende provides research, consultation, implementation, evaluation, and creative design services to its customers. Yifang Foundation has worked with Recende on its organizational registration.
The Chunshan Education Foundation (CEF) is under the administration of the United Front Work Department of Shaanxi Province. Focused on helping people help themselves, CEF provides funding to poor students, conducts NGO training and action advocacy to raise awareness on education issues in poor areas, and promotes the urban-rural communications and integration. Yifang Foundation supported the CEF in its efforts to organized the 2013 China Biennial Conference for Educational NGOs.
The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA) is a non-profit organization for poverty alleviation. CFPA has won wide public recognition for its image responsible practices with donors and recipients, and it’s adherence to openness and transparency. It is now grown to be the largest poverty alleviation organization in China. Yifang Foundation and CFPA have co-sponsored the 2013 Annual Conference of Philanthropic Educational Organization.
Macau Tong Chai Charity Association (MTCCA) is a private foundation registered in Macau, China. Following the pragmatic, effective, and sustainable funding guideline, the Association is dedicated to the charity work in educational development and other sectors. Yifang Foundation and MTCCA co-sponsored the 2013 China Biennial Conference for Educational NGOs.
The Ford Foundation is committed to helping all sectors of society access community resources and government services, so they can fully participate in the benefits made available by China's economic growth. It works with research institutions, civil society organizations and government agencies that share its goals, and supports vulnerable groups and communities participate in China’s economic growth. The Yifang Foundation and Ford Foundation have co-sponsored the Teacher Performance Incentives Project.
The Centre for Chinese Agricultural Policy (CCAP) in the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a research institute undertaking applied studies on China’s agriculture and rural strategy. The government refers to the institute when it is making decisions on agriculture and rural development policy. The Yifang Foundation has supported CCAP on the Teacher Performance Incentives Project.
The Northwest Socio-Economic Development Research Center(NSDRC) at Northwest University, focuses on the issues of public management, education and poverty alleviation in Northwestern China, and provides consultation for the government on socio-economic development as well as sustainable development policies in the region. The Yifang Foundation has supported NSDRC on the Teacher Performance Incentives Project.
Stanford University, a private university in the United States, is one of the world's most distinguished universities and is highly regarded in academia as one of the leading research and teaching institutions. Yifang Foundation has supported the Teacher Performance Incentives Project through the Stanford program.
The Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation is a hybrid charitable institution with a strategic focus on supporting positive, creative and efficient projects, as well as undertaking early childhood literacy projects of their own. Yifang Foundation and the Chen Yet-Sen Family Foundation have co-sponsored the systematic building of Chinese educational NGOs in terms of design, monitoring, evaluation and learning.
The School of Life Sciences at Peking University was established in 1993 out of the former Department of Biology which was founded in 1925. It is one of the earliest universities with a biology department in China and also the key teaching institution in Peking University. Dr. Eric Xu, the founder of Yifang Foundation, launched the PKU-BIO Teacher Fund as a University alumni and sits as a core member of the Executive Committee.
Since its establishment in 2007, the Beijing Normal University Education Foundation adheres to the spiritual motto of "patriotism and development, honesty and integrity, pragmatism and innovation, as well as modelling for others”. It is committed to promoting cooperation between the University and social charitable organizations, and exploring new approaches to educational reform and innovation. Dr. Eric Xu, the founder of Yifang Foundation, has initiated the ZHENYU Program of Training Primary School Teachers in Rural Area, currently managed by the Education Fund of Beijing Normal University.
The Institute of Capital Primary Education (ICPC) is under the management of Beijing Normal University. It is a research institution jointly established by the Beijing municipal government and Beijing Normal University focused on research, management, development and service. ICPC has undertaken the ZHENYU Program of Training Primary School Teachers in Rural Area.
UBS Optimus Foundation is a charitable foundation registered in Hong Kong. Its mission is to break down the barriers that prevent children from reaching their full potential by applying innovative approaches and support in areas where children face adversity. It focuses on the health, education and protection of children. Yifang Foundation and UBS Optimus Foundation are now exploring possible ways to cooperate on Hong Kong charitable projects.

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