In the eve of the 2011 Teacher's Day, initiated by 13 alumni who graduate in 1985 of Peking University School of Life Sciences (former Department of Biology ), and with participation of more enthusiastic alumni, “Peking University School of Life Sciences Alumni Teacher Fund” was established. Respect for teachers is the main source of power and purpose of the establishment of the special fund. Teacher Fund sincerely hopes that love of all alumni shall be passed to those retired teachers, who dedicated to the students. it is hoped to solve their actual difficulties of life, enrich their spiritual and cultural life.

Introduction of Teacher Fund: “PKU-BIO TEACHER FUND” is the first fund initiated by the alumni dedicated to and support retired teachers. The Fund is a non-governmental non-profit foundation established by alumni of School of Life Science spontaneously relying on Peking University Education Foundation, and is subject to autonomous management. The daily operational management is executed by the Executive Board of alumni. It is open, fair and transparent, and shall accept supervision of all alumni. Financial management of the Fund relies on Peking University Education Foundation, and shall be implemented strictly in accordance with financial management system of Peking University.


The PKU-BIO Teacher Fund provides funding to the following projects:
(1 )For some retired teachers who are incapable of looking after themselves, they may be granted an allowance to pay the fees for nurses, so as to ensure their necessary daily care;
(2) For some retired teachers who are suffering acute or serious diseases, they may receive emergency financial aid;
(3) The retired teachers will receive gifts and souvenirs during important holidays or great ceremonies so they feel involved in the holiday atmosphere; activities for retired teachers and employees will be organized when it is necessary.

If you are a retired teacher or employee from a School of Life Sciences, Peking University, and your situation is in accordance with the above-mentioned funding domain, you are eligible to apply for the fund through the contact information published by PKU-BIO Teachers Fund, or apply with the help of the administrative department of School of Life Sciences. The School of Life Sciences is responsible for submitting the relevant materials, information and the prime evaluation and suggestions to the executive committee of our fund. Based on these, the executive committee will exam and verify the applicants on the base of these materials, information and the prime evaluation and suggestions, and then determine whether and how much to funding you will receive.


Main activities

1) Every year PKU-BIO Teacher Fund holds a special birthday ceremony for teachers who have turned 80 or 90 years old. Given prior notice, the Fund will send the Birthday Visit Team to visit certain retired teachers with birthday cake, birthday cards and a warm greeting. Many retired teachers favourably received this special birthday activity with great praise.

2) Major group activities planned or organized by PKU-BIO Teacher Fund were held on the May 4th School Anniversary or Sep10th Teacher’s Day. We have successfully organized a range of activities such as “Tea Party for Expressing Our Gratitude for Teachers”, “Exhibition for the Grace of Retired Teachers” and “Spending Special Holidays with Our Dear Teachers”, all of which have been welcomed by teachers. Many teachers hoped that such activities could be held more frequently. These activities have benefited the retired teachers in both social and cultural dimensions.

3) Every year, when the Spring Festival is approaching, there will be a New Year’s Greeting Party organized for the retired teachers held by the School of Life Sciences, during which, the PKU-BIO Teacher Fund would take the chance to send specially designed festival cards with warm regards to those teachers.

4) In 2012, on the base of the discussion between the executive committee and the School of Life Sciences, PKU-BIO Teacher Fund supported one retired teacher with an allowance to cover nursing costs for a whole year; in 2013, two beneficiary retired teachers received this allowance, and the fund was assigned a focal person.

5) In 2012, the executive committee members visited a teacher who was hospitalized to bring urgent financial aid. Though it was a small sum of money, it reminded the teacher that students remembered his contribution. Unfortunately, this teacher passed away shortly after, which taught the executive committee that the fund is important and it should be maintained and used more effectively.


The PKU-BIO Teacher Fund welcomes more alumni from School of Life Sciences to contribute to this philanthropic fund, to develop more activities, and help our teachers make it through the difficult times in life and enrich their retired life. It is not only for our gratitude, but also a good chance to encourage the current students in the School of Life Science to maintain the constructive and responsible school culture that forms a positive value base.


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